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Silicon India

Silicon India Recognize Up2datez as a Top 10 Data Labelling company in India and publish about us in their Magazine in Jan 2021.  YourStory Publishes about us on their media in Feb 2021.

YourStory  Publishes about us on their media in Feb 2021

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Semantic Segmentation:

          Semantic segmentation is the process of classifying each object in an Imagefrom a predefined set of classes. In our Up2datez we did both Semi & Full pixel Segmentation in an effective way. We classify many objects which are there on roads & homes. We can annotate all kinds of images.   

bounding box1

Bounding Box:

          A Bounding Box is an imaginary rectangle for objects detection and creates a collision box for that object. Our Up2datez will do both 2D & 3D Bounding Box Processes in Day vision and Night vision too. We deliver both of the processes in high quality.

Landmark Annotation:

          Landmark point annotation technique is used to make the human face recognizable to machines through computer vision technology.

          This technology used in AI security camera. Up2datez Deliver this with high numbers and high quality in minimum span of time during Quarantine.



          LiDAR is the process of converting the images into Points by using sensors and we did point cloud Segmentation (PCS) on it for labelling the objects for training ML algorithms.

          We did 25k images with high quality.We did LiDAR segmentation & Bounding box too in Image & video also.

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